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Technolectric Ltd. provides electrical power solutions for the Commercial and Industrial sector in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.   The range of solutions include Electrical Switchboards , Solar PV, Energy Management and Electrical Components.

Electrical Switchboards provide a way to safely distribute power from the utility to various loads within a facility.  Our range of products in this field include Main Distribution Boards, Sub Main Distribution Boards, Motor Control Control Centres, Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels, Automatic Changeover Panels and customized Control Panels for automating processes within Commercial and Industrial facilities.

Solar PV provides Commercial and Industrial clients a green cost effective solution for reducing electricity bills for grid connectected  premises or off-grid diesel generator power dependent lodges, farms and rural communities.  We provide both on-grid and off-grid Solar PV systems with financing options specifically tailored for individual client requirements.

Our Energy Management products and services consist of power logging and demand management hardware that allows Commercial and Industrial clients to view and automatically manage patterns in electrical energy usage to help reduce energy bills.  We offer cloud based solutions where there are minimal upfront costs and nominal monthly fees to manage the energy data or stand alone systems where a complete system is purchased and maintained by the client.

We also stock a wide range of electrical components from MCBs to Variable Frequency Drives and can work with clients on custom orders.

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