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Cuponal busbars available for power distribution from 350A to 1600A


Busbar 30mm. X 5mm. X 3,000mm. - 351 A
Busbar 40mm. X 5mm. X 3,000mm. - 468 
Busbar 40mm.X 10mm.X 3,000mm. - 648 A
Busbar 50mm.X 10mm.X 3,000mm. - 810 A
Busbar 50mm.X 12mm.X 3,000mm. - 900 A
Busbar 60mm. X 10mm. X 3,000mm. - 972 A
Busbar 80mm. X 10mm. X 3,000mm. - 1,296 A
Busbar 100mm. X 10mm. X 3,000mm. - 1,620 A

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