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Variable Frequency Drives

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) as the name suggest vary the frequency of the waveform supplied to the motor to control the amount of power that is used by the motor for its requirement.  The electronic modulation of the frequency allows efficient usage of power consumed by reducing initial inrush current and electronic speed control of the motor.

vfd invertekYou can save a significant amount in energy costs when replacing gear boxes or air dampers with a Variable Frequency Drive to control the product flow. 

Estimate your savings

This calculator assumes a fan operating at 60% of its maximum flow and fitted with an outlet damper.

The electricity tariff of the meter supplying the system
Choose the type of system you operate
Power used at full load
How many days in the year is the system operating
Number of hours operating each day


Savings after 3 years:

Upfront cost for VFD: KSh

Electricity unit cost: KSh /kWh (with 3.00% inflation year on year)

These figures are approximate, to help you estimate potential savings. Your actual savings may vary. Please contact us for more detailed analysis of your requirements. Cost data is correct as of .

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