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Energy Management

Energy management

We provide Energy Management Solutions to help you measure, control and save on your energy consumption. Please review the categories for details.

 Electricity costs are a significant portion of total costs incurred by the Commercial and Industrial sector.   

There are six main ways your electricity bills can be reduced:

  1. Improve the Power Factor by installing Power Factor Banks  that eliminate Power Factor surcharges and reduce the KVA demand charges on your bill  
  2. Reduce KVA demand charges by ensuring inductive loads such as motors are not turned on all at the same time and/or balance out production schedules so KVA demand has smooth and does not spike.  
  3. Reduce your consumption from the utility by displacing utility power with cheaper green renewable Solar PV energy
  4. If you are on the C1 power tariff and energy demand and consumption has grown significantly then reduce your bill by upgrading to C2 power tariff that provides a lower consumption rate per kWh
  5. Replace incandescent or fluorescent lighting systems with LED system to reduce energy consumption
  6. Replace fans that use dampers or gearing systems with Variable Frequency Drives to reduce energy consumption 

In order to determine the options that can provide the best return on investment detailed accurate long term measurements of energy consumption patterns are required to identify the quantity and duration of measured variables so placed where costs can be reduced are easily identifiable.

We provide on-line cloud based and off-line stand alone measurement equipment to allow the measurement of load demand profiles along with ability to automatically manage kVA demand and trigger alerts for remedial action in situations such as voltage swells or sags.  Please review the sub-categories for more information.


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