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Solar PV

Solar Photovoltaic Solutions

We provide Solar PV solutions customized to your needs. Please review the categories for details.

The Rise of Renewable Energy - Solar PV

Solar Irradiation

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems use Solar PV panel arrays to harness photons from light to create electricity.  

Any amount of light will create a voltage differential in PV Cells what matters is the intensity of the light, Insolation, that determines the amount of current and therefore power that can be generated.

As the chart on the right shows in red,  Kenya has one of the highest solar intensities.  For example, according to data from the European Commission Joint Research Centre, a 1 kWp Solar PV system in Nairobi on average will generate around 5.4kWh per day while in Mombasa the same 1 kWp will generated on average 6.2kWh per day.  This is almost double from what can be generated from the same Solar PV installation in Europe.

Soar PV Price History

Since 1977, when Solar PV panels were mainly used on Satellites, prices have come down from $76 per watt to around $0.30 per watt as shown in the graph on the right.

This significant price decrease in the core component of Solar PV systems (PV Cells) coupled with the high irradiation in Kenya can lower energy costs when Solar PV is used as a complimentary source of power to the utility or a primary source of cheaper power in rural areas that depend on diesel gensets.

Solar PV systems that synchronize with the utility grid are called On-Grid Solar PV systems.   Those that are disconnected from the utility network and operated independently are called Off-Grid Solar PV systems.  

Please review the sub-categories of both systems to see which system would be applicable for your needs.

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