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Export Limiting / Genset Controller

Our Export Limiting / Genset Controller has been developed for On-Grid systems to allow Zero Exportlimiting of energy exports to the utility grid and also operation with up to three Generators in parallel when the utility grid has failed.

The Zero Export / Export Limiting feature in the controller can work up to 20 On-Grid inverters in parallel and is customizable allowing limitation of exports to the grid from 0 to 100% of the rated On-Grid inverter output.

If Generators exist then the controller automatically transitions from Utility (Export Limiting) to Generator control logic when there is a Utility power failure.

There are multiple safety features built into the controller to ensure there is no current feed back into the Generators.  In addition minimum Generator loading percentages can be set to ensure longevity of the Gensets.  

If an Internet connection is available then all data can be viewed in real time providing detailed electrical performance of the system such as Amps, Frequency, Voltage, Watts and Energy Export/Import.


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