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Off-Grid Solar PV Systems

An Off-Grid Solar PV system includes batteries and/or a Diesel Generator and is not dependent on the Utility as a primary power source.  

Solar PV Panels, Inverters and Batteries attract no Duty or VAT and are a cheaper alternative to Uninterruptible Power Supplies.  They are also a cheaper option for locations where loads are supplied mainly by Diesel Generators.

All our system proposals are custom designed for your energy needs as follows:

Small Off-Grid Solar PV System with Battery

solar powered pacemakerThere are two main variations of Small Off-Grid Solar PV systems and in all cases the proper sizing of the Solar PV panels and batteries is critical to ensure continuous supply of energy when it is needed.

The most common one consists of Solar PV Panels, Inverters, Charge Controllers and Batteries.  These systems supply the loads and charge batteries using Solar PV during the day and power loads using batteries at night.  They are mainly used in areas where there is no Utility grid available.

In cases where utility power is available then Hybrid systems that contain both On-Grid/Off-Grid capable inverters are an attractive option.  In these systems the Utility power can be used as the reserve power instead of using the batteries which reduces cycling (usage) of the batteries thereby increasing the life span of the batteries.  

Solar Hybrid

Supply priority can be set in these systems for Solar PV/Utility/Genset/Battery to supply loads depending on availability or cost per kWh

Swarm Solar PV

swarm solar pvThis new technology uses modular integrated inverters with batteries that can be used independently or can automatically network with other modules to create scale-able networks of uninterrupted power

These modular boxes can accept Solar PV, Genset, Wind Turbines and Mini Hydro Turbines as power sources and are designed to last up to 10 years without battery replacement.

Containerized Solar PV

containerized solar pv

Containerized Solar PV system are custom designed for your load specific usage to provide autonomy from the utility grid, backup power, or replace expensive diesel power in rural areas.

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