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On-Grid Solar PV Systems

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Our On-Grid Solar PV systems are Captive Solar PV systems.  This  means they are custom designed for your energy needs so that whatever Solar PV energy that is produced is directly used where it is needed on site.  There is no storage (e.g. battery) in this type of system. 

There are three main reasons why you would want to consider investing in an On-Grid Captive Solar PV system.  

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  1. Desire to reduce 10-50% of energy costs by displacing some of the energy consumption from the utility with cheaper green Solar PV energy
  2. Get certainty on a portion of production costs (or operational costs) against future utility tariff price increases 
  3. Improve company brand image by reducing carbon emissions

There are three main criteria to make an investment in an On-Grid Captive Solar PV system viable.

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  1. There must be enough shade free rooftop, ground or water space available to install Solar PV panel arrays
  2. The load demand profile (power consumption) must be fairly consistent during the day and throughout the year
  3. The location where the Solar PV system will be installed coupled with your facility that will use the power must have long term plans to stay at the same place for at least 10 years.

Click here to see a video of two of our projects featured on Deutsche Welle

All our system proposals use Tier 1 components ( Classified by Bloomberg as bankable products).  

We provide financing options that allow you to get the benefits of a Captive Solar PV without incurring upfront costs as follows:

Option 1:  Client pays for Solar PV power consumed at a cheaper rate than the utility rate which also gradually pays off the system

Option 2:  Monthly installments linked to performance guarantee that gradually pays off the system 

All financing offers are tailored to client needs.  A binding offer will be provided after due diligence is concluded.

Estimate your savings

This calculator helps estimate savings from installing a solar PV array.

The electricity tariff of the meter supplying the system
Total site usage each month
Proportion of electricity used during day light hours
How many days each month is the system operating


Savings after 10 years:

Upfront cost for solar array: KSh

Electricity unit cost: KSh /kWh (with 3.00% inflation year on year)

These figures are approximate, to help you estimate potential savings. Your actual savings may vary. Please contact us for more detailed analysis of your requirements. Cost data is correct as of .

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